Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the great pumpkin patch

the great pumpkin patch in arthur, illinois, in the heart of the Amish Country --

my first visit to this 63 acre patch and a week later, i am still raving about it. i think i had more fun than my own kids! truth be told, i feel fulfilled that i have taken my girls to a true midwestern, out in the cornfields, middle-of-nowhere, pumpkin patch instead of to the strip mall parking lot "patches" that we have found in our california city. i know, i know, some californians will argue with me that yes, there are some REAL pumpkin patches out there too, i agree -- but i want the color-changing leaves, mud puddles to jump over, country road to drive down, hot apple cider, and the cool crisp wind to accompany us to our pumpkin patch visit!

maddie searches for the best pumpkin - she found at least 15 until we put a limit on
just how many she could buy

mia is proud of her choice
izzy's first visit to a pumpkin patch - is she a lil' punkin or what?

lots of fun with all the kids - two childhood girlfriends and their little ones went along.

as i look into the history of the great pumpkin patch  i want to know where have i been? this is the 21st season of the pumpkin patch, and well, i am well over 21 and have never been here before? why? and who do i blame for that? my mom was asked that question just a few, ok 20, times during our visit! even martha stewart made a visit to this patch back in october of 2005 when she was just beginning her tv show.

the patch grows over 300 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds and has corn mazes, wagon rides, and a sweet shop with the most de-lish pumpkin ice cream (shipped in from indiana but it is made with real pumpkin  - i asked.) the kids had a fun time, and this mom was enjoying being a kid again herself. i am not sure how many times we will be able to return to illinois during the fall but when we do, this will be on the very top of our "to-do list."

some memorable photos...


  1. Wait-you forgot to add: getting lost in the middle of nowhere...bet that doesn't happen at your pumpkin patch in California! : ) Great pictures and so much fun, glad we could all do this together.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time there!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I will stop by again for sure. Connie

  3. Ah, what sweet pictures! I don't know of any authentic pumpkin patches around here, so we take our son to a "pumpkin patch" in a church parking lot in our town. It works, but I would love to go to a real pumpkin patch!

  4. I wish I could go to there!!! Pumpkin patches are my favorite! Last year Joe and I went to a pretty cool one in NorCal on our anniversary trip, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to this one! How fun and what great memories for the girls!

  5. What a great time to have with the kids :) I am from the northeast which has great pumpkin patches for the fall time and great foliage for pictures. Its nice to see the other side of the country enjoying the same this time of season as well.

  6. The pumpkin pathc looks like so much fun and you got some wonderful pictures! Those are some cute kids. I love fall...

  7. Hi there,
    Looks like it was such fun.
    I love pumpkin patches!!
    We have a nice one out here that we went to for the pumpkins that Amanda had at her wedding.
    It's kind of out in the country!!
    Chat soon,

  8. I just discovered your blog and it's wonderful. Great pumpkin patch photos. My parents used to take us out of school in the Fall so we could travel back to visit relatives in Missouri. It's such a wonderful time to be back there. Thanks for sharing.


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