Wednesday, September 23, 2009

there's no place like home...

i don't usually blog twice in one day, but i had to say
welcome me that is! My REAL home -- there's just an indescribable comfort of being back in the home of where you are raised, where your parents are there to keep you safe once again, and to be back in the home of so many cherished memories.
we made a surprise visit back to Illinois to see the family. Only my parents knew of our arrival, and surprisingly, my mom managed to keep it a secret for two months. we've surprised my sister so far and are heading to pick up the nieces here in a few minutes to surprise them at the bus stop. i can't wait to see such genuine smiles and to see a big hug full of cousins.
i want to ...feel the fall weather,
...see the leaves turn colors,
...collect a few fall treasures for the girls to take back, ...feel the warmth of my illinois sweatshirt at an illini football game, ...
eat a greasy cheesy krekels burger,
...hit my favorite thrift stores and hopefully find a neighboorhood-wide garage sale on saturday,
...visit my grandmother who isn't feeling so well
...and just surround myself with the love and laughter of FAMILY!!! welcome home to me!
and we're off to the bus stop!


  1. Souns like a great trip and I know what you mean about going home.

    My parents moved from the home I grew up in..but even there new place feels like home to me. I guess it's just being around my parents more than the location.

    Enjoy being home :)

  2. yay, glad you are home and that it did end up being a surprise! Fall is the best time to be back!

  3. I'm sure your nieces are going to be so surprised and excited to see all of you!! What a great idea to keep your trip a surprise to the whole family! I'm amazed that you and your Mom didn't cheat and let the secret out!

  4. Well, welcome home! Even though I live in the same town as my mom and she lives in a different house than the one I grew up in, I still feel safe and cozy when I go to her house. Wherever she is, there is home.


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