Monday, September 14, 2009

matter the most monday #3

(mia and me)

i have been passionate about photography since i can remember but it was the arrival of my first niece, baylee, that i decided to really take notice of photojournalism and documenting life through pictures. there truly isn't a day in this house that a picture isn't snapped - if it isn't my camera, it's my husband's, and now mia has become the newest photographer. as much as i gasp for air when she grabs my not-so-cheap camera, i try to relax, letting her explore, while I walk silently behind her, holding my breath, not wanting to distract her focus but having my hands ready to catch that family member in my hands if it gets dropped - yes, the family member, the camera; mia would be fine if she stumbled, she's a tough girl!

i love to see the mia's world as she sees it from behind the lens...


  1. Mia's getting pretty good!! I especially love the one of Maddie dancing near the other little girl, and Maddie drinking!

  2. i thought it was maddie too, but its not - my faves are the two of the random people dancing that she took at the park concert -- she really is learning!

  3. I love that picture of the people dancing!! I love photography too, although I just have a regular digital camera and no experience.

    I didn't know this other baby powder tip. Good to know! I always wondered what the best way was to get that sticky sand I know!


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