Monday, September 7, 2009

Matter the Most Monday #3

i remember in my working days, like most people, mondays were often dreaded and never really viewed as the best day of the week - trying to get back into the grind of work after a weekend was always challenging. even as a stay-at-home-mom, i still have a bit of that feeling - mondays have become cleaning days, the girls have to get up early for school after having slept in on the weekends, and the husband is back to work so there goes my extra two helping hands that i just grew accustomed to over the past two days!

so when i began the blog, i designated mondays as "matter the most monday" - i've always loved the quote "the little things, they're not so little" ..combine that with "take time for the things that matter the most" and you get my goal of monday -- the little things that matter the most -- soak 'em up and enjoy them!

we have a few this week in our household...

1. my sister, christen, my one and only sibling, began her 39th year of her life yesterday - one more year before the 4-0 sets in - she has a new chapter ahead of her life being recently divorced, having a new house, and just a new beginning with her life -- so happy birthday "tata" - (i called her ta ta as a toddler so we gave her the name aunt ta ta when the girls were born)
2. our precious iz-belle turned 6 months yesterday -- PLEASE STOP THE CLOCK!!! but i love every minute of her even if the clocks still has to tick.

3. "no worky" today for daddy! those two helping hands will be around four an additional day, but more importantly, it's family day! off to "aguna" according to maddie, aka laguna beach, with the family!

happy monday everyone -- enjoy the family time today!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sis!
    Your daughter is adorable and I LOVE that hat!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

  2. I LOVE THAT HAT!!!! Seeing that picture makes me hope we have a girl next go around. What a precious picture!!

  3. i just wanna squeeze izzy here. adorable!

  4. Love your post Jen!!
    Baby is adorable!! Happy Birthday to your SIS!!
    Hope the beach was great!
    Have a nice week,

  5. Oh my goodness she is beautiful! And what a GREAT concept...Mondays are tough for me too. Especially without those extra hands! I often think I want to start a group that works like big brother / big sister but for single moms and dads - so they can have a "partner" to drop the kids off with sometimes or help cook a dinner. Off topic but there are some single moms out there who are ROCK STARS. (I am writing a post about it so it is on the mind!)

    Anyway, so glad to have found you and I am now following and hoping for more pics of that gorgeous little girl!

  6. ps_ i was a teacher too! i can do a festive bulletin board, but not our home. i am immobilized by all the possibilities.


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