Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rocks for sale...

"knock knock: would you like to buy some crystals for 50 cents a bag?" says a little voice overpowering 4 other little voices attempting to ask the same question!
nostalgic me - "why of course! make that 2 bags please!" (with an extra quarter thrown in as a tip so that all 5 little girls can earn their payment)

when i opened the door to see my two with three neighbor girls standing on the front porch with their mini walmart cart full of rock bags, i flash backed to when my friend ashley and i were little girls. we had gathered rocks, painted them and towed them in a wagon, proudly selling them door to door . i specifically remember being so darn proud of those little masterpieces! so when my two joined in on the fun, i smiled right along with their belief of these rocks being crystals (rather than bagged landscaping rocks). off they went, selling door to door in our friendly cul-de-sac, hoping to make a fortune off their crystal collection.

i read in a magazine, that the little children standing behind the makeshift lemonade stands on the corners are our next entrepreneurs; our job is to stop walking, pull over the car, put the brakes on the bike, whatever you need to do, to buy a lemonade from those eager youngsters. keep this in mind the next time a rock seller might appear at your door.


  1. My husband and I always try to stop at lemonade stands. Last summer we stopped at a stand in our neighborhood and the lemonade was a dollar per cup! When I had my stand as a kid, we sold it for a quarter at the most! Man, inflation gets us all!

  2. too funny -- and you already feel like you have to pay them more than what they are charging just to encourage them.


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