Friday, September 25, 2009

gossip at a garage sale...

found a garage sale yesterday -- a few actually. back in my small hometown, well, not small, but one of those places, like cheers, "where everyone knows your name," and in this case everyone knows your gossip! i got to gabbing with this guy who was having the garage sale for his family. i am always on the prowl for neat furniture for my sister's house since she is 'starting over' since her divorce. so i find a great handmade dining room table and mentioned that my sister is going through an ugly divorce, could use the table, has three kids..blah blah blah...well, of course he asks her last name -- i tell and thus, insert foot in mouth! he of course knows her, and knows her ex even better! he knows the family, knows the situation, etc. -- so if regret could show on your skin, i was glowing with it. needless to say, i didn't buy the table, got out of there with my glowing regret and dialed my sister on the phone to confess to my gossip! oh well, i have to remember this is where i grew up and again, everyone knows everyone in some crooked way, and i am going to support my sister no matter what the situation - that's what family does, right?

so, back to the garage sale - i love the annual church sales -the ones where all types of different collectors and hobbyists have donated their stuff for these sales, and women of all ages have donated their clothes and tablecloths and books and clutter from their homes - and they've spent at least the week organizing the sale so that it's "just right" -- it's really a fun scavenger hunt when there's so much to choose from, and the vintage treasures are usually quite plentiful at the church sales. today i scored two tablecloths, a large jar of old buttons, a birds' nest with eggs, a vintage children's thanksgiving book, and a skirt with flower appliques that will inspire me for some type of sewing project. i've done some research on crafts using buttons but haven't come up with anything too inspiring -- any suggestions out there? i would love to put the older 5 girls to work for some type of craft or gift using this great assortment of buttons -- anyone? anyone?



  1. Ha-Can't be airing your dirty laundry here, never know who is listening!

    You could string the buttons for a mini garland, hot glue them on picture frames, glue one on the end of a bobby pin....

  2. Sounds and looks like fun to me Jen.
    Love that jar of buttons!!


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