Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kindness for the prego

when i discovered i was pregnant last summer, it was a welcomed surprise but a very huge surprise, as i had to have a lot of medical help to get the twins -- this pregnancy, four years later, came out of nowhere! early in the pregnancy, my dear friend, kim, also my next door neighbor, created a month-by-month gift for me - there was a card to open each month all the way until the month i was due. in the card, there were gift cards for a smoothie, ice cream, or a favor such as a cooked meal, a car wash, and a day of babysitting. in addition to the little gifts, there were little messages or kind words written by her, which meant even more than the gift itself. my shower gift from kim? she painted my bathroom chocolate brown, the bathroom attached to izzy's nursery, so that it would match the decor of the nursery! do you want kim as your neighbor? sorry, you cannot have her but i'll share her friendship with you because she is one of a kind. God blessed me when she put her into my life!

to duplicate this feeling of being loved each month, i created this same idea for my sister-in-law. (jackie, if you are reading today - STOP! i don't want you to spoil your surprises!) we have a bit of distance between our homes however so i am unable to pop in to cook for her or wash her car, so what i created for her month to month gifts are items rather than favors. using my "well-stocked of craft supplies" garage, i went to work and this is what i came up with:
...and because i know that jackie might get tempted to continue reading, i can't tell you what little suprises are wrapped beneath the paper of each present, but i hope my efforts to put a smile on her face each month are successful.
i thought i'd share this with you and tempt you to treat your pregnant friend to this easy and cost-friendly gift. she'll be grateful beyond words! ..and she might even share that little precious one with you after he or she arrives!


  1. Once again, you amaze me. I want YOU for my neighbor!!

  2. such a cute idea!!! Jackie is so lucky to have a SIL like you!

  3. Okay, I followed the rules and I didn't read the rest of your blog entry!! I promise. But I'm telling you - it's already taking tons of will power not to peek in the gift bag, so now not to read the rest of the blog entry that the rest of the world is now aware of!!! This is not easy Jen!! But I love you, and thank you thank you thank THANK YOU for such a cute gift (that keeps on giving)! You'll just have to tell my Mom not to spill the beans now!

  4. i didn't trust you to not read it -because i wouldn't have the willpower, so you can read the rest, it doesn't reveal! love you too!

  5. How adorable!!! I love it!! I can't wait for my sister to get pregnant so I can do this for her! She lives 6 hours away, so I'll have to mail everything, but that's okay! Awesome ideas! Thanks!!

  6. This has to be the sweetest gesture I've seen in a long time. I love this idea. I wish you were my neighbor, too!

    p.s. I love your song list here on your blog. Erik Satie is one of my fav's.


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