Saturday, September 5, 2009

FIRST AWARDS - woohoo!

woot woot! i earned my first signs of recognition - feels so good to know that your written words are out there and being read...
thanks nancy, the humorous writer of "if evolution really works..."(how come mothers only have two hands?)i have often questioned my daughters over the last couple of years why the octopus got 8 arms and moms, only 2 arms so when i came across nancy's blog, i was hooked from the beginning! nancy "showcased" me in her sunday morning reads back in august ( and had these kind comments to say about me: In my next life I will come back with the time to be as creative as Jennifer. I’m hoping to find out that she lives close by and will redo the patio cushions for me!! She’s got a lovely blog and really wonderful, creative ideas. ok, so telling me i'm creative and that you'd like to "be creative like me " earns immediate frienship, right? she's been a fan during my first few posts and i so appreciate her comments and for being a reader!

thanks to heather, from theta mom, who awarded me the Honest Scrap Award. i found this a fun one to

read and was honored to see my blog listed on a new reader's site!

Rules of for the Honest Scrap Award:List 10 things about yourself and pass it along to 10 other blogs.

1. i have been homesick since age 18.
2. i wanted to be a journalist and would love to be a photojournalist in my "next life."
3. i love chips and salsa and can't seem to diet no matter how much the scale tells me to.
4. my girlfriends are what keep me going - i don't know where i'd be without girlfriends to share my triumphs and struggles with.
5. my biggest accomplishments are having my three daughters.
6. i love to shop at yard sales, thrift stores and am known to happily accept a hand-me-down or two.
7. i love photography and scrapbooking.
8. i'd love to have a month to relive my junior year of college at the university of illinois
9. i love yoga and working out, once i actually get myself to the gym.
10. we lived next to a zoo growing up so i have fun memories of being chased to school by a kangaroo, capturing a tarantula on our street, and having a peacock on the neighbor's roof.

now off to find those 10 other bloggers to pass on this award...


  1. The first of MANY to come, I am sure!!!

    Now, when would you like my patio cushion dimensions? :)

  2. Congratulations on winning the award!! That is wonderful!! I also always wanted to be a journalist. I went to college with a double major of English and Journalism, then ended up only graduating with the English part!

    I'm sorry you have had to battle endometriosis as well. I had to have surgery in order to have my son and I am hoping that won't be the case with our next! We'll just have to wait and see!!

    Congrats again!


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