Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye..or Just See You Later...

It's our last day in Decatur, Illinois. We are headed back to California tomorrow. The girls are always sad when this arrives and asked this morning "why can't we stay for 20 more weeks?" well, girls that would most likely make your  Nana a bit loony. It was a visit that was much longer than we had originally planned but so worth every minute that we spent here.
I will even miss the scenery.
Wishing I could load up one of these barns and plant it in my backyard.
Guess I'd be called the loony one then.


  1. Thank you for sharing the great barns with their weathered wood, chippy paint, and wonderful lines...such beauties!

  2. I can only imagine all the photo shoots you'd do/have done in front of barns like these. You can't beat those weathered wood backdrops!

  3. Jen-
    I'm gonna miss you guys, we have seen you and the girls more this trip than we have in many years put together! And yes, we will see you soon!:)

  4. lovely pics! You've been gone awhile!

  5. I love the scenery! Those barns are gorgeous! Sorry you have to go back home! Maybe you can visit again soon!

  6. What beautiful scenery. But, come on back to this congested place. It's lovely here, too...
    just in a less scenic way. Does that make sense?

  7. Hope you had a safe trip back. Love those shots in IL though!

  8. Those are such beautiful shots, have a great trip!

  9. beautiful photos! lovely blog.

    Nicole visiting from


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