Tuesday, April 27, 2010

for the love of coral...

i wish i could be a blogger who had something profound to say each day, something meaningful to leave you pondering and thinking about the topic a few days later -- two blogs that inspire me daily and leave me in deep thought are The Goat and the Kidblogged by nancy and Lucky Number 13, blogged by amy. if these two gals ever wrote self-help books, I'd be the first in line at the bookstore to buy the books! Such inspiration  - and wonderful photojournalism to boot! Check them out!

but, I'm not that kind of blogger or writer. I just like to show you my frugal finds, obsess over my redecorating habit, and occasionally share with you some enlightening moments with my children. I guess if all blogs were the same it wouldn't be that fun.

So no deep thoughts, but I have a mantel to share with you - Inspiring ? ?  ?
Thanks to those that complimented my blog header, and yes, those photos are from my mantel. I have to admit this mantel might overdo it's stay this summer because I am loving it myself!

My inspiration?

which i "borrowed" from this gorgeous Hawaiian beach...

i had coral stuffed in shoes, in baby clothes, in my husband's shirts, in my make-up bag- wherever i could think to put it in my suitcase so that they wouldn't take it out of my luggage - it was the one and only souvenier i brought back from our trip, so i was begging "please don't take my coral!"
it all came home with me. smile.

back to the mantel...

now here's the pictures that i really enjoyed creating...
those of you that are interested in, or should i rephrase that and say, addicted to, decorating, and redecorating, do you find yourself doing this annoying habit? -- Sitting back and mentally itemizing each item in your house, recollecting where it came from and what you paid for it? I CAN'T STOP! Not that I have any time to sit back in this house with three little busy bodies to chase, but when i do actually sit and relax a bit after they've all gone to sleep, i visually move from piece to piece taking pride in how little i paid to decorate my home and how pleased i am with the outcome. here is the summer mantel i created and i'll be happy to break it down for ya -- not sure i have even $50 wrapped into this mantel....

not too shabby!

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  1. I which I could come up with the daily profound post too, but my mind is way too shallow for that! It was fun getting the full picture of your mantel - and I like the little notes of where everything came from too.

  2. I'm with you. Can't think of great stuff to write about...and I'm not a great writer. But, blogging is fun and it'll be great memories for the future.

    Love your mantel. We need to order a mantel shelf. Maybe once we get it, I can make it look cook, like yours!

  3. I'm thrilled you linked up the party! I had to laugh about your coral :). When we went to the Bahamas I found several sand dollars while snorkeling. They were still "alive" and I snuck them back in. I was thrilled! Your mantel is buzzing with fun sentiments!

  4. Oh I love how you are able to write on your photos giving every little detail.

    Let me know if you do a mini tutorial how to.

    You have one sweet blog!

  5. love it the mantle and your post...love that all blogs are different...I also love your photos! Many of us are newer to blogging and it takes some time to get into the groove as I am told....how on earth are you able to write on your photos...I love that little touch!

  6. I love it! What a beautiful vacation too! That picture of the girls on the beach is gorgeous!

  7. Oh sweet girl.. thank you for that kind shout out! I am always inspired by your blog and let me tell you, I need your help with my BORING mantle. Come on... yours is beautiful. Seriously. I love it. Sand, pictures, shells and all. Again, thank you for your sweet words and I am so glad to see you back! :) Hope to see you at Blog Sugar. We need to catch up..

  8. I love your mantel! I love that you used so many different styles of things, very unique stuff too. I am new to blogging, when you get a chance go and check mine out. http://ms-smartie-pants.blogspot.com

  9. I like your mantel. And my blog is a lot like yours. But my kids are now adults, so I don't blog about them. But I love to blog about my frugal finds & my rearranging obsession.

  10. Thanks for the break down! I love the coral and the story behind it even more!!!

  11. hahaha--I am laughing because like most people, I think I have nothing at all to talk about and everyone is probably bored to death by me...but THANK YOU so much, I appreciate that! :) It's true that we would not want to read the same blogs over and over. I come here just for the inspiration and you know how I love me some bargains and rummage sale treasures and all things decorating.
    LOVE the mantel--especially those fantastic b & w pictures(wow!), lots of good finds found at your grandma's and that flower frog is so cool!
    love the coral!


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