Monday, April 26, 2010

Addicted to Garage Sales...

Isn't it nice to be missed? Thank you for the sweet comments welcoming me back yesterday! Is it possible to miss your blogging friends even though you've never even met them? Yes. It is.  

It was a fabulous Saturday of GARAGE SALE-ING. A very nice area near our home here in Orange County had their community sale this weekend. We got an early start and although it was throughout their whole town, we never made it out of one particular wealthy neighborhood - It was like shopping at TJMaxx Home Goods. I went with the idea that I was only going to purchase things that had an immediate purpose and location once I brought it home - No more storing things in my horrendous garage. With that in mind, I focused on the exterior of the home. Hawaii has me rearing to go for summer!

Although I can't seem to keep a plant or flower alive for the life of me, I found this plant stand for $7
If this turquoise color ever becomes repulsively out of style - I am doomed!
And if anyone has some suggestions for plants/flowers for someone with a black thumb rather than green, pass on some advice please!

"No, I'm not getting a bird" was my response to my husband when he questioned this purchase
- Husbands just don't see the creativity in pieces all the time, right?
It is a real bird cage and I plan to doctor it up with a fake bird at some point but for the time being, I had to change the color and find a place in the front entry way.
Green - Gone.Yes to Colonial Red.

(this black chest is actually an old toolbox that I bought at a garage sale almost ten years ago.)

At an earlier sale in March, this little guy came home with me for my girls - The guy bought it at ZGallery and gave it to me for $2

as did this "thing" which I love. I don't know if I should use it as a planter or what?
any ideas? front porch, back patio?

Useful treasures. Well, at least pretty ones as I see it.
My husband might debate me on that one!

Happy Day Everyone!


  1. Awesome finds! Love everything, bird cage in red is fabulous! It really pops out from the foliage.
    Planter thing is gorgeous as well. Try growing succulents as they are mostly water and desert plants so they require little to no care. Some of them even flower so you would have some color there as well.
    Wire tiered basket would be great with some ivy and flowering plants or...inside with towels or shells?

  2. Fab finds! Wish I was so lucky...but honestly, haven't been to any garage sales since my baby belly arrived. :) LOL! Love the color of the plant stand! :)


  3. You found some great items! I have one of those black wire things in my house but mine was a creamy white color when I found it and I left it that color. I have it inside and it is filled with jute balls, large seashells and that "vase filler" stuff like grapevine balls. You will have to get things big enough so they don't fall through the openings. In the fall I filled mine with artificial pumpkins and at Christmas I put ornaments inside. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. I'm loving the blue too. I just got a retro lamp in the same color. It adorns my new office desk now :) And can't go wrong with those!

  5. I don't know how you did it for so long! Thank goodness for amazing family!

    You found such awesome stuff and have such an eye for the cute modifications! I love getting a great find at a garage sale too, but I have no patience :(

  6. Cute finds! I love your banner, if that is your mantle, it is beautiful! I am lovin' the sea shells and blue vintage looking glass too!

  7. wow! you found some great stuff! love that turquoise stand!

  8. Nothing is better than finding treasures at a garage sale. Cute stuff, well done!

  9. You could always use that plant stand inside. Might be cute in a bathroom.

  10. Oh-my-word...that birdcage is RI-donk-ulous!!!!!!! I am in LURVEEEEEE...
    I have been trying to find a birdcage like that at garage sales this year and I every time I try to explain what I want, no one, I have a picture to say I want THIS! ;)

    I found you at trash to treasure but I would LOVE if you'd link this up to my new link party tomorrow :)


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