Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a sentimental PB knock-off

It's summer - well, almost; fair to say that we all have summer fever at least. so with that, it means new pillow covers in the Smith household - or its a good excuse for fulfilling that need to  make yet another round of pillow covers. A store called Tall Mouse carries fabulous quilting fabric and had a 50% off sale of their usual $9.99  a yard fabrics. So I stocked up a bit for pillows in our front room, pillows on the girls' beds and for a few dresses for the baby. I tackled the pillows first, using the purchased fabric and a few sentimental things I picked up from both my grandmother and great grandmother.

the blue and gold prints are fabric I bought; the pink "blanket" is a vintage tablecloth that I found in my grandma's linen closet. I love the whimsical and girly look of it. No one knows that it's a tablecloth unless I tell them, right?
the brown and orange on the left and right sides are bought fabrics, and the middle pillow was one of a pair I picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents each.

Although I have yet to actually sew these into throw pillow covers, I just love the yellow and white pillow cases that, again, were in my Grandma's closet. I remember choosing these pillowcases for my pillows when I stayed all night with my grandparents when I was a child. All the more reason to bring them home with me! And the fun flower one? Another half off fabric - the choices were endless at the sale!

Now on to my favorite pillow of the selection presently in my home:  Here are the ones shown in Pottery Barn - the vintage flower pillows:

...and here are mine that I made using vintage fabric that I acquired after my great grandmother died in 2002.
I've held on to it and finally found it justified to cut it up and create pillow throws - after all, if it's in Pottery Barn, it's justified, right? Who doesn't love their look? And I think I like "free" quite a lot better than PB's overprices. Now as I look at these photos of the pillows, I think I will break out the iron for a few obvious reasons...

Happy Day!


  1. Cute pillows, I love all of the vintage fabrics. I just got on a pillow making kick, must be in the air :)

  2. I've just started to do the same thing--we just painted our bedroom and need all "new" stuff now!

    You know how I love vintage table cloths so that pink one might just be my favorite! CUTE!!!

  3. Nice colorful fabrics. Great job!! I went shopping for fabric to make my own pillows but ended up buying some at Home Goods instead. That's more up my alley.

  4. pretty! if I could sew I'd be changing out my pillows every other month.

  5. Very pretty! You are correct you can many never have too many pillows.

    Thanks for joing Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party.


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