Sunday, February 14, 2010

A lot matters on this Monday..

there is a lot that i am thankful for this Monday, both the little things and the BIG...
first with the little - I was so delighted with all of the link-ups to my first blog party. It was so interesting to hear how different women met their husbands. I had both tears and laughter while reading the various stories. I also realized that I could never write a romance novel, because after reading my own engagement story compared to how others wrote theirs, well let's just say I need to step up on the romantic part. I did prepare a candlelight dinner for my husband tonight (and three little girls as well) and bothered to put on a dress instead of my shorts and tshirt that I romped around in all day -- so that's a step towards romance, right?

on to the BIG that matters to me this Monday..
My Sis-in-Law had that beautiful baby girl on Thursday, ten days early.
I've yet to meet the little sweet pea, by oh my, is she gorgeous in her pictures!
Meet Kyra Laikyn...
Jason meets his new niece for the first time...

Don't you just want to keep her for yourself?
Welcome to the world you precious,  perfect little baby girl!


  1. Thanks for hosting your blog party. It was fun to share my bizarre ring story. Congrats on your beautiful new niece! Looking forward to meeting you at BlogSugar :)

  2. Beautiful! Your family is full of even more beautiful girls :)

  3. She's beautiful Auntie! Oh man now I have a baby itch - this isn't good :)

  4. OMG I REMEMBER WHEN SHELBY WAS THIS SMALL AND JUST SCRUMPTIOUS!! aww soo beautiful.. i love it!! BTW, i love reading your blog! I"m so glad i found it! I have a question, I want to add a "Grab Button" to my blog so people can post my button to their blog like you have. How do i do that? I already have one designed but how do i make it work??


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