Saturday, February 20, 2010

just two more weeks....

i did the math in my head this morning and realized my baby, my izzy-belle, is just two weeks away from her FIRST birthday. i am in shock. i knew it was soon  and i've been working on her birthday party decorations, but when you slap that "two weeks" to the actual date, well, that is arriving just way too quickly for my liking.  i still catch myself saying "i just had a baby..." um, yeah, almost 365 days ago! since she decided she wanted to start walking at 10 months in effort to keep up with all the big kids that she's surrounded by, the newborn-ness went away even quicker than i had expected.

izzy, with your new walking shoes that look oh so cute on you as waddle around on your own little journey, let's take these next two weeks a bit slow, ok sweet pea? no running in those shoes just quite yet. let mommy soak in these last two weeks before i have to call you my one year old.
i love you little one!
all 351 days of you!


  1. Slow down, Izzy. Oh, Jen... I know the feeling. Especially when I look at my big girls. There hasn't been any baby business round here in a while. Enjoy those moments. They are precious!

    So great to meet you last night. Have a great day!

  2. How is this possible? It's just not right! But I do love her little walking shoes, so sweet. Such a little dollface!

  3. she is so cute. time goes by so quickly doesn't it.
    enjoy for sure.
    it was nice chatting with you last night. wish it could have been longer.

  4. Her walking shoes are so stylish, such a doll!
    2 weeks is so SOON! It's probably hard to imagine that this time last year you were SO anxious to meet her, and then this year you want time to STOP!
    I'm there too! STOP TIME, STOP!!!

  5. She is so precious! I love that dress she has on! I can't wait to see all the decorations you make for her party! I know they will be amazing and creative! I love the music you are playing on your site. Who is this?


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