Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Certainly did say YES

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Jason and I had met just 8 months before our engagement. I was his waitress one evening in a bar, where I worked at night (teacher by day) to help make ends meet in the expensive city of Chicago. And I always add, that I gave him my number and persued him (and i rewrote my name and number three times before being satisfied with my handwriting - cheeseball?-that's me!) . A fast engagement, yes, but just one of those "we just knew it was right" kind of relationships.

 We were dating long distance at the time, me living in Chicago and him, in California, having moved there only two months into our meeting and dating. He came in on a May 16th, 2001 and that Friday after I finished teaching, he was waiting for me at my apartment. And I might add that he opened the wine a bit before I got there as well – which was later excused by his nervousness. I thought we were going out to meet some friends for a bit of a happy hour, but instead we cabbed to the restaurant where we had our very first date, The Pepper Lounge, which was right down the street from Wrigley Field, and sadly, is no longer opened.

We were the only ones in the restaurant, as it was before opening hours, so I had a suspicion then, BUT when he ordered a cocktail and requested extra onions in the drink, I thought no way is tonight the night if he is going to load up on onions! Funny the petty thoughts we girls can drum up! But instead of our ordered cocktails, the waitress brought out a bottle of Veuve champagne and inside the champagne glass was a gorgeous sparkly diamond ring. Down on one knee before I could even blink, Jason proposed and I was more than honored to say YES!

Outside we had a limo waiting for us and my one huge regret is that we spent the entire limo ride calling everyone on his cell phone to announce our news.

 I know we were caught up in the moment, but the limo ride was over before I knew it and we hadn’t spent time together soaking in our moment just to ourselves. Oh well!

We then arrived at the United Center where Bono and his boys were waiting to put on the most fabulous U2 concert . Jason, knowing that I love U2 right up there with how much I love him, got tickets with some friends and we celebrated throughout the night. Cubs game the next day with my parents ! I remember it being a fabulous weekend and being so proud to be his fiancé. It was also a weekend of accepting “new beginnings” because I knew it meant leaving my “familiar” and moving to California to start our life together there.

A year later – June 8, 2002 – the new Smiths

With 8 years of marriage under us this June, I am so blessed to call Jason my husband. I am a lucky girl who is loved and cared for by one wonderful man!

And the kisses and laughter are still present!

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  1. Great engagement! He had a great full out plan :) I absolutely love all the pictures you have of the evening too. I hope I linked up right, i guess I'll see. Thanks for putting this together, its so fun to hear these things around this time. Happy Valentine's Day

  2. So many high school sweet hearts on your blog party! too funny! I guess when it's right it's just RIGHT!

  3. aww thanks Mimi!! yeah it is great knowing Josh almost my whole life. There's no one else I ever saw myself marrying but him, even at 13 w/ a boyfriend ! lol... i always knew josh was my soul mate from the first time i met him. :) Plus, my grandma wanted a red-headed, blue-eyed grandchild, so I KNOW she placed us together from heaven! :) thanks for doing this! so great to relive these days and OMG how skinny and young we were.. turnin 27 Wed. made me realize how the years have passed and how our love has changed and grown and bloomed!

  4. aaaw i love the ring in the champagne glass! so classic and romantic!

  5. What a creative husband! I love the pictures you have of it too!
    Just posted mine :)

  6. I forgot to comment when I linked up! I love your story & how thoughtful is he?!? He really had a great plan & I'm so glad you have pictures from that day - I wish we did!

  7. Aww what a great story. I know what you mean about not calling everyone you know in the limo, and just soaking in your moment. It's so exciting though, and you just want to tell the world. ;)

    I just posted mine this morning.

  8. I'm linked up! I loved your story! My husband would be jealous that you guys saw U2 on the night of your engagement! They are his fave band of all time. I think I have told you that before. Anyway, this was a great blog party! Fun to write because it made me remember all the details that I haven't thought about in a while! Your wedding photos are gorgeous!! And you looked absolutely beautiful!

  9. Hi Jen - I finally did my proposal story. Thanks for getting this going. It was so fun for me to write my story...and more fun to read yours! Have a great day!

  10. I am so sorry I am so very late to your party! And I linked up the wrong post to boot.

  11. Great story Jen! : ) It's fun hearing other people's engagement stories...makes me wish I had a good one to share!

  12. You certainly make the perfect couple!!~ I enjoyed your story...and linked up mine:)

  13. I really enjoyed everyone's story's and getting to know many of you! Thanks again Jen for setting this fun little party up :)

  14. I knew I would forget to post and I did!! I'll try to get it up tonight. This is a great Linky :)


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