Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Great Day...

I spent some time on Facebook yesterday, ok too much time, trying to catch up with old friends. Living long distance from my hometown and therefore childhood and school friends, Facebook has been like one big pen pal to me. I will also be planning our 20th high school reunion (gulp! ...or "let me faint" rather) in 2 years so this will be a Godsend when it comes time to locating everyone.

I am in touch with an old boyfriend's sister on Facebook and as close as I grew to their family as a teenager, I am happy that I am able to get updates from her on how everyone is doing. Yesterday she posted a status that really brightened my day - and I can only imagine how bright the sun was shining in all of their homes back in Illinois...
Her brother's daughter was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and went through an extremely tough battle to survive. Her sister was able to donate bone marrow to help her with her survival. So yesterday she posted

Giving thanks to God today as my niece marks 5 years since her bone marrow transplant!

Her day was full of celebration as they had special presentation at the school for the sisters, declared the day as her day, had a spotlight on the evening news, and is in today's paper in her hometown. I can't imagine the joy of each day that passes of knowing their little girl is healthy and has survived this battle.

I have bone marrow donor on my "to do" list and I admit it will take some courage to get it accomplished, but seeing pictures of this little girl from yesterday really gives me the push to follow through with my intentions.
Give your little ones an extra hug today and thank God for their good health.


  1. oh tears in my eyes over this one...what wonderful news for them! I will definitely hug my babies a little tighter tonight.

  2. Lovely post, Jen! And such great news!

  3. It's nice to hear good news like that, and to be reminded that our kids (and our) health is truly a blessing to be thankful for!

    Also, just read your comment on my blog post. I love it! It's fun having a goofy name, because i get to hear stories about other funny names, or just bring a little laughter with my own. :)

  4. I love positive posts like this one that remind us how blessed we are.

  5. Facebook is amazing like that, keeping us in touch with otherwise lost friends.
    That is such a wonderful story. Makes me grateful and appreciative of every day.

    Side note-I would love to meet all of those wonderful ladies(including you)at something like Blog Sugar. I feel so funny though because I read AMAZING blogs, most of them women that went, I look at mine and think its just stuff about my life...not as inspiring. I am working on the insightful stuff :)
    I'll email you!


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