Friday, February 12, 2010

fun and fabulous...

need i say more?
ok...i will.
i was in valentine heaven today reading
all of these stories posted for my blog party.
what great, funny, romantic, and memorable love stories.

just read the post below if you missed out on all the love!
and please, keep on posting! i will have the mclinky thing-a-magig up until sunday!!


  1. I am not sure I connected with you but I sure had fun writing my story! Please stop by to see me soon!

  2. You did an awesome job at get this blog party going. Thanks for thinking of this romantic-ness. Hope you and your hubby have wonderful V-Day.

    Hey - wouldn't it be funny to get a new party going of "what did you do for V-Day this year?" Our story would be M-U-C-H different. But, don't you worry....the love is still there!

  3. Such a cute collage...I feel honored to have made it :)
    I love this party! It is such the perfect time and such sweet stories. I have seriously had to get up numerous times to get tissues...

  4. so so the collage here and all of the stories. Can't wait to meet you at Blogsugar! xoxo

  5. This was such a fun blog party! You had a great idea! I'm off to read all the other blogs!

  6. This was so fun Jen! Thanks for this great idea. My husband and I had such fun reminiscing about that night. It urged us to pull out the dvd and watch it. Brought back such great memories.

    Love that collag you made too. So fun!

  7. Oops forgot to let you know I joined your party. Hope you read my love story, titled I'm In!



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