Monday, August 17, 2009

the little things...they're not so little!

Synonyms for grateful

2 senses of grateful
Sense 1:
grateful (vs. ungrateful), thankful
Sense 2:
(vs. unpleasant)

(borrowed from

Grateful Monday?

Marvelous Monday?
what do i call it?

after having such a wonderful family-blessed weekend with my husband and little ones, it's inspired me to make sure mondays are the days that i express my appreciative attitude for the little things; having a weekend to slooooooooooooooooow down, be together, giggle with the girls, and make the little moments matter, mondays make the most sense to share this thought.


Matter the Most Monday it is!

(cute tag above taken from "journal-it girl" scrapbook paper by teresa collins - ..cute stuff, huh?)

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  1. Jen, you are a blessing to have as a neighbor. Your outlook on the simple things or shall I say on making them simple yet authentic is inspiring. I LOVE your photography but putting your stories with them makes them richer and even more alive! Thank you for letting me swim in your thoughts & enjoy the amazing heart you have!


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