Tuesday, August 18, 2009

good tunes, a dancing family, and a happy blanket

our family summer tradition here in southern california is to experience, and enjoy, the free summer concerts offered in the parks throughout the area. we've found a new favorite in dana point as there is nothing better than a great band belting out the dancin' tunes in front of you and the ocean waves behind you - you truly feel like you are in heaven on earth. my girls are just free spirits blissfully dancing at these concerts and are often the first few out on the grass "dance floor." i love to see that they don't have a shy bone in their little bodies.
although i am not one to love the packing and loading for these evenings -- the adult food, the kids food, the diaper bag, the cooler, the ice, the sippy cups, the extra clothes in case someone potties, the list goes on and on - i love the feeling of spreading out the picnic blanket when we first arrive - the audible "pooooof" of the blanket being spread out in the air and onto the ground - and watching the girls scramble to get it laid out "just right." the particular blanket i have used this summer was a thrift store purchase. it's a king sized bed sheet and i once used it for a couch cover but decided rearranging it on the couch on a daily basis after two sets of little feet jumped on it each day, just took the fun out of such a vibrant piece of material. so it's now the official summer picnic blanket.

the secret in such a fun find for you non-thrift store shoppers: Target often sells its' out of season items to Goodwill. You aren't always guaranteed a huge deal, but the price is always lower than what the store price was. I paid $7 for this brand new sheet, originally priced in the $20's when sold at Target. The best Target items you will find at Goodwill are following holidays and the back-to-school season; items that need to be removed from the stores and that are often in a large supply. i tend to find Target's leftover holiday decorations quite fun to sort through at Goodwill and buy them at cheapo prices. give it a look in september - i can almost promise there will be a notebook or two waiting for a desirable price -- maybe you can stock up for next year???

my little dancing queens!