Monday, August 24, 2009

matter the most monday #2...

ever since the twins arrived 4 1/2 years ago, the quote "the little things, they're not so little," has been one of my absolute favorites as well as a daily affirmation. with "back to school" just around the corner, my goal for the week is to maximize these little moments, grab the girls' journals (that i've slacked on a bit) and record these memorable times, and notice, enjoy, and appreciate the little things that define summer.

a must-have for your book shelf is the book "14,000 things to be happy about."

kudos to Barbara Ann Kipfer for recording her 14, 000 thoughts to inspire those of us that can barely accomplish a grocery list, let alone record a list of thoughts. think you could record your own list of 14000 happies? her book represents 20 years of recording all the things that made her happy. she began in 6th grade, first with a tiny spiral notebook, then larger notebooks, finally graduating to a computer. she uses it as a pick-me-up on a gray day, and as inspiration for what to cook for dinner or what to do with her son on the weekend.

a few favorites taken from her book to inspire me for the week :

-the rising of the sun on a misty morning

-being told you are dazzling

-flashlights that work

-"colour my world" by chicago

-birds nests

-strangers that you see so regularly that you feel they're almost friends

- loose strands of hair

-a well-worth-it wait

-deteriorated cookie particles in the milk

- handbags with room for everything

- thinking of the day, of your home, of your family, of things past, of things to come

happy monday!


  1. I need that reminder of the little things because it's so easy for that to get lost in the shuffle of every day life. My favorite, "strangers that you see so regularly that you feel they're almost friends..." We are only stragers but once! So glad you stopped by my blog. Yours is adorable!

    BTW, thanks for the follow! I am following back and look forward to reading more from you! ;)

  2. Lovely post!! The thing I am thankful for this Monday is an empty house. Extra special treat that doesn't happen often.

    BTW...I spoke of you in my "Sunday Morning Reading" post!

  3. Jen, I love this post...and the picture too, hee hee. You're so right in that we need to appreciate the little things in our day and in our lives, that matter. Thanks for being my reminder of that today. Love ya.

  4. Don't think my comment worked! Love love love this post. I do adore when someone says I'm dazzling:)

    As for how to have a fab button and make it work..I hired Krystyn at Krizzy Designs :)

  5. That is really nice Jen. I enjoyed reading those!
    Have a nice week,

  6. what a great post.

    You are dazzling!


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