Saturday, August 15, 2009

oops, i love this paint!

i've been in search of the perfect color for various projects, and often find that close- to perfect color in the "oops cans" at hardware stores. for 5 bucks, it's worth the risk to bring it home and decide it's not only nowhere near perfect but not even tolerable. but that's rarely the case - i seem to find a place for these random colored cans of paint. our door was a brown color of stain and needed some work. i wasn't ready to tackle the sanding and refinishing work of a door which would require a DIY class at home depot or the like, so i decided "why not throw on a can of paint?" fortunately, my dad was more than willing to be the door painter when he was here for a visit - he's known to accomplish a few handy man tasks for me here and there! thanks dad! when Electric Blue is what i found - not the official name but the name it earned when my neighbor kim saw it for the first time. so Electric Blue is what i am greeted with when i arrive home each day. i've made it a tradition since moving in when the twins were 10 months old, to take monthly pictures of the girls in front of this door - i've printed these pictures and titled the album "on our way out" since they are always taken right before we've left for an occasion or simple day at the park.

i've recently discovered a can of robin's egg blue paint, an oops can of course, for only $1. i am so anxious to use it but not sure of the project yet - maybe a frame, the wooden plant box out front, a chair?

so the wreath - need i mention it's from a garage sale? - from a crafty neighbor who always has an ever-changing front porch decorated with whatever holiday is near -always cute, always inspiring. i have remade this wreath many times thanks to the glue gun. this simple one is one of my favorites, using a gerber daisy and ribbon from the diaper cake that was the centerpiece at my baby shower and the ribbon that is circled throughout the wreath was from a toy that the twins got when they were newborns -- there is nothing cuter than reading ribbon everyday that says, among other words, "giggles, let's pretend, and hiccem-ups" -- if that doesn't make you smile, then please turn around, walk back up the walkway once again, and reread the ribbon and then smile!!!

that's a SIX DOLLAR project for you! - an oops can of paint, a garage sale wreath, a flower and ribbons saved from gifts, and there you have it - a "welcome to my home" entrance.


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  2. I'm so excited that you're doing this and I really, REALLY hope you keep it up and running!! You're so creative, and I love seeing all the cute stuff you come up with. I hope you've already got your thinking cap on for my baby's nursery!

  3. love the color of your door! i always take left-over paint from my in-laws when they are done, that's why my office is robins egg blue and i love's their bathroom color.


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