Wednesday, May 19, 2010

take time to be silly...

i've been sidetracked from my HAPPINESS PROJECT efforts. Well, to be honest, i lost the book for a bit. while i was away in Illinois, my husband found it necessary to clean off the bathroom vanity and stashed my pile of magazines /books that i leave by the bathtub, under my bathroom sink. i can't blame him for cleaning, but who knew to look under there for my pile. so just this week, i found my stash and there was the happy book.  my last chapter of reading was in march. catch up time for chapters "april" and "may."

love this book. i have to say - it's just such a great read!

so "may" is to focus on PLAY! may - play. easy enough to remember, right?

with the focus on  playing is the goal to TAKE TIME TO BE SILLY:

which brings me to this picture:

i posted this photo on my facebook, reluctantly, because it's "just not me." i'm not the silly mom. i am the mom who is usually taking the pictures, or the one who scrolls through the pictures and deletes the pictures of me before they can even be uploaded to the computer, because i either have black circles under my eyes, or i pushed my neck out too far to show elephant rolls in my neck, or my hair hasn't been washed in three days -- there is ALWAYS something that i find to beat myself up with. anyone relate? ridiculous, i know. i hate this about me. i grew up getting so frustrated with my mom for never wanting her picture taken or refusing to have her picture taken until she could put some lipstick on. i've become my mother!! not the lipstick part, but just not feeling worthy enough for a picture! enough already!


there were two comments on facebook under this picture:
1. from a high school friend --
Love the Krispy Kreme pics. Adorable. I'm sure you're a really fun mommy.
2. from my sister-in-law
!!!!! I LOVE THIS!! This will be used in her wedding someday! Can't you just see this in a slideshow?! Classic!

I smiled when i read those comments because I want to be the fun mom, the silly mom, the embarrassing mom and i am happy that someone else saw that in me in this photo. i am that mom in private, behind our own doors, when no one can see me or judge me for being too silly, but i want to be the confident mom who is happy and silly no matter who is watching. I looked through a few more pictures that i posted on facebook that same day, a small album of mother’s day pictures that were taken before attending the mother’s day tea at mia and maddie’s preschool:

and I like what I see. I am silly with my daughters. I am the fun mom. the girls’ silliness is contagious and I’ve caught it more than I realize. the girls insist on being called giggle box and goofball, two names that my mom, their nana, lovingly gave them...and quite fitting, wouldn't you agree?

and with all that silliness, i got a really good picture that i truly love - no elephant wrinkles in the neck, hair is washed, concealer covers the dark circles, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, i am happy and smiling and honored to be a mommy at the mother's day tea.

it had to be all that goofing off in the morning that created such a great picture!

( and yes, mia on the left cut her own bangs...5 months ago...let's speed up the growing back process please!)



  1. You know i am just the same way-hating the pics of me! These are great though, Wyatt says he likes the Krispy Kreme one and he likes Maddie, too...well, he likes Mia too but he likes Maddies' yellow hair :) Have a great day!

  2. Those are adorable! I saw them and honestly though - geez she is so much fun with her girls - I need to work on being more fun! So keep on being silly - it's a good thing!

  3. Love the pics. I think as moms we all end up in the same boat where we worry about being judged. Whether it is the way we look in pictures or the way we are as moms. I have been trying to tell myself lately that it matters more what my kids think of me than what the world thinks. This little reminder helps me let my guard down a little more. I am glad to see you letting your guard down also!

  4. Gorgeous!! These are such great pictures! And if someone is judging you for being too silly with your girls, that person has got some serious issues! You're the best Mom I know!

  5. Those are great pictures! I wrote a post last week about being silly, too! And Mia's hair is actually pretty cute with the short bangs. It almost looks like they are supposed to be like that! Have fun this month being silly!

  6. I love the pictures. Thank you for this post because I SO struggle with the same thing. I'm definately not the fun mom and I HATE pictures of myself. How many adorable pictures of the kids get deleted because I'm in them?? Scary to think about it. I think you look gorgeous in every picture and I'm sure your girls will have so many happy memories when they look back on them. I'm going to work on being silly more often too. I don't want my kids to remember me as Mommy Dearest.

  7. Those are adorable....and I'm sure you were having a blast at that moment! Glad you're taking the time to be silly. I know that I never or seldom like the way I look in pictures. But I had to get to the realization that this is what people see. Eeeeek! Have a silly day!

  8. These pictures make me so happy I can't stand it!

  9. I love the picture too! I know what you mean. I've been thinking lately I need to up my fun factor. I love your hair in that last picture. I might even save it on my computer for when my hair gets long enough to get a longer style!


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